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  • Provides proper balance of the entire digestive tract with twelve kinds of "good bacteria"
  • Complements Acidophilus and Bifidus to promote overall digestive health*
  • Further promotes the growth of beneficial flora with Jerusalem artichoke, acerola, rose hips, and Wild Bluegreen Mind
  • Balances the body's "internal ecosystem"
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Exceptional Probiotic Support

The word "probiotic" refers to organisms such as friendly bacteria which are vital to the health and balance of the gastrointestinal tract. Good bacteria, found naturally in the digestive tract, stimulate the function of the entire digestive system, and produce essential vitamins.* But many factors-stress, antibiotics, chlorinated drinking water, meat consumption, and a high-fat, high-sugar diet-can devastate the intestinal tract's good bacteria population. Spectrabiotic was designed to help promote a healthier balance of good bacteria in the digestive system.*

New Earth's unique Spectrabiotic formula was created through the joint efforts of respected food scientist Dr. Khem Shahani and enzyme specialist Viktoras Kulvinskas. Twelve key "good bacteria" are microblended with Wild Bluegreen Mind algae, providing the entire digestive tract with superb probiotic support, especially when combined in a regular program with Acidophilus and Bifidus. Spectrabiotic also contains the prebiotic inulin to provide ideal nourishment for live probiotic cells and promote their healthy growth.

New Earth's three remarkable probiotic products--Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Spectrabiotic--are formulated to work synergistically to help build and maintain healthy intestinal flora. These three probiotic products, when used simultaneously, combine to provide an unparalleled, comprehensive system to promote good digestion and optimum health.

A Word About Probiotics

The human body contains a vast internal ecosystem consisting of thousands of billions of living microorganisms. This vast internal ecosystem, also known as intestinal flora, dramatically influences the body's metabolism, physical health, and mental well-being. In a perfect world, the human digestive system would have enough healthful bacteria to maintain optimum intestinal health. Unfortunately, today's modern lifestyle makes it almost impossible to avoid factors that can disturb the body's bacterial ecosystem. Offering positive assistance, probiotics scatter in the digestive tract to compete against the harmful transient bacteria that invade the intestinal environment. Supplementation with New Earth's exceptional probiotic products is an effective means of helping to offset the disturbing effects that dietary, environmental, and emotional stresses create in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

"This product is: Kosher, Halal, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and GMO Free."

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage Recommendation: Keep in a cool, dry place.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Prosperity Abounds is dedicated to distributing the best organic, wild, whole foods
(based on Super Blue Green Algae) from New Earth (formerly Simplexity Health/Cell Tech).

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